I love scrolling through my email inbox and finding little questions from you all! Here's a compiled list of my most frequently asked questions; if something you're wondering about isn't on here, check out my Ask Essie posts or email me at pinkscriptblog@gmail.com.


Is "Essie" your real name? Nope! My real name is Estelle; Essie is just a nickname that I go by!
How old are you? I'm currently 19!
When's your birthday? My birthday comes along every 8th of September.
Where do you get your pictures for your blog posts? Usually I take my own pictures for blog posts or get them off of Tumblr; if you scroll down to the "Credits" section of each of my posts, there's a link to the website I got the picture from!
Who takes the pictures of you? Sometimes I have my camera on automatic, other times I have friends help  me out!
Why do you update your Twitter so much? Please excuse me, I am a Twitter-a-holic and have a major addiction.
What are your favorite blogs/vlogs? The first ones that come to my head are ZoellaAll That GlittersBeautylish, and Miss Glamorazzi. (For a full list, click here!)
What is one tip you would give to a starter blogger? Blog about something you're sure you're passionate about and do it consistently. Post through the eyes of the reader; if your own content bores you, it's probably going to be un-appealing to your audience as well!

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