Sunday, April 29, 2012

"No-Makeup" Makeup Look

I know a lot of women in my life right now that are trying to get more comfortable in their no-makeup face. I decided to share a "no-makeup" makeup tutorial today for those people out there that are trying to become more secure going into public without makeup on; this is definitely the bridge in the process - everything takes time to get used to! Of course, this tutorial isn't a complete "no-makeup" tutorial, but it'll show you how to make use of the bare minimum of your makeup to create a comfortable look. Enjoy!

You Will Need:
-Makeup Remover or Face Cleansing Wipes
-Tan and Rosy Blush with a Powdering Brush
-Cherry Chap Stick and Clear Gloss
-Black and Clear Mascara
-Any Color Blush (light)

The Look:
1. Thoroughly cleanse your face with makeup removing wipes so that no trace of makeup is left and you start with a blank slate.
2. Apply a thin layer of foundation to cover any blemishes or scars. Rub it in with your fingers, then smooth it out with a powdering brush.
3. For lips, apply a heavy layer of cherry chap stick. Rub it in with your lips, then apply a clear coat of gloss for a simple lip gloss effect.
4. Prime your eyes with any primer of your choice. Using a powdering brush, close your eyes and sweep in a tiny amount of blush onto your eyelids. The blush creates a lighter eye shadow effect and shows off your eyes when applied correctly. Make sure to keep the color light and only do 1-2 sweeps.
5. Apply mascara to the very inner part of your eyelashes and the very tip of your eyelashes - make sure not to go in the middle! Allow a couple seconds to set, then apply a thick coat of clear mascara for length.
6. Instead of eyeliner, use black mascara to slightly brush a layer of black onto your lower lashes. Be careful not to let it actually touch skin - I recommend putting a paper towel under your lashes to prevent mascara from smearing all over your face.
 7. Using a powdering brush, lightly skim through your cheeks and contour them with a mix of rosy blush topped with a light tan.
8. Look back and fix any blemishes or slip-ups that occurred during the process! You're done!



"Makeup Setup"


  1. Great post! I nominated you for the versatile blogger award! Check out my post for details.

  2. I'm tend to stick with a subtle make-up look except working a bright lip when I want to feel a bit more dressed. Happy to go without make-up but never for work.Rx

    1. Subtle makeup + bright lips are the best!(: