Friday, April 20, 2012

Rosy In Blue: A Nail Tutorial

A lot of people asked me about painting roses on my nails when I shared my previous nail care and design posts. I thought I'd address this topic today because it seems like a lot of people think it's extremely difficult to paint your own roses manicure, but in contrary, it's really not! I put together this beginners post for anyone who's been curious about my floral nails and is looking to create the manicure themselves. Enjoy!

You will need various nail polish colors, an object with a little 3-D rose, a toothpick, and a bobby pin.

1) Paint on a base coat, then your base color. As I always tell my readers, the Mac Lacquer Under Base is my all-time favorite lacquer base coat! Allow to dry.
2) Using the 3-D rose (you can find one on the knicks and knacks section of Anthropologie, or for a cheaper solution, go on a scavenger hunt at the dollar store; it's actually where I found mine in the picture above!) paint a thin layer of nail polish on half the rose in the color you desire the flowers to be. Carefully and gently press down the rose on a 45 degree angle onto your nails for 10 seconds, then remove. Paint on a layer of nail polish on the other half of the rose, and press down directly adjacent to the pattern you just imprinted.
3) Allow roses to dry, then using the circular tip of the bobby pin, paint dots on the under-layer of the rose to create buds.
4) Use a toothpick at a 30 degree angle to paint on leaves and stems.
5) Once all is completely dry, paint on a clear UV top coat. (I use the one by Sally Hansen!)

You're done! Keep in mind: practice, practice, practice! Practice always makes perfect, and this is no different. Upon first try, the roses looked extremely messy and I never got one half of the rose to match up with the other. It took me about 3-4 tries to get it perfect! So, keep practicing and never give up on something you look to. Hope this little tutorial helped!


  1. Anyway you can do step by step pictures? or a video?? This is really pretty!!

  2. Your nails look absolutely amazing! I'm so very impressed with the roses.

    The Tiny Heart

  3. okay these are insanely gorgeous!! can you come to my apartment and do my nails?? :)

    1. Unfortunately I'm currently not a travel manicure artist.(; Hahah, just kidding! But thank you for your lovely comment.(:

  4. Cutest nails I've seen in awhile!

  5. Wow, that's the cutest manicure I've seen! I can never do something like that but I still dream about it, haha! :)

  6. This is a great tutorial! Thank you...I'm sharing on Pinterest.