Friday, May 4, 2012

Forever 21 Shopping Guide

Hey beauties! Today I decided to do a post on Forever21, because pretty much every girl I know shops there. And I don't blame, because I'm guilty of spending hours in that store, too. Phew! Sometimes it can even be a tiny bit exhausting.

I compiled a list of my favorite things at Forever 21, things that are amazing quality and I highly recommend; then a list of things that I don't recommend buying there, and checking out another store to get the same item for a better buy or quality. Hope this "shopping guide" helps some of you "21-aholics"! Enjoy!

Things I Like
-Their jeans and denim. Talk about wallet-friendly! A lot of people complain that they aren't good quality, but my 3 pairs (and counting!) of Forever21 jeans from 4 years ago are still up and running. And with no tears. That's a feat even my $100 Levi jeans can't beat.
-Necklaces and accessories. This is honestly the whole reason I shop at Forever21; they have the best jewelry selection in the whole mall. $5 for a huge cluster of 20+ bangles? Count me in. The only thing I'm a stiffy about is their dainty necklaces, which around 7-8 of mine had their chains loosened and I had to attempt to hot glue it back together.
-Clothes. Their clothes! Forever21 probably has the cutest, trendiest clothing. You can count on them for putting the coming season's hottest trends up, before they're even trendy.
-The little things in the baskets near the cash register. I am always wowed by the adorable items I find in the little wired baskets by the cash register. Fuzzy slippers, strawberry ear plugs, vintage picture frames, and even mini makeup sets! It's the hoarder's haven galore.
-Eye shadows and makeup. Their makeup is extremely cheap, which turns down a lot of people, but they are amazing quality. The eye shadows are extremely pigmented and the colors always turn out amazing - I still prefer my MAC swatches over the F21 ones, but they serve as great little travel makeup, makeup on the go, or for quick, emergency fixes.

Things I Don't Really Like
-The nail polish. If you know me at all, you know that I'm not a huge fan of Sally Hansen nail polishes because I feel they're extremely gloppy after one use. I wouldn't say Forever 21 nail polish is exactly "gloppy", but I would consider it "runny" and slightly "gluey". I feel that it's great if you're looking for a cheap prix-fix for OPI or Essie, but you're much better spending your money on one, good quality polish that will last you a couple months rather than 5 not-so-good quality polishes that will last you a week.
-Shoes. They aren't terrible, but they aren't the best, either. I recommend going to other stores like Wet Seal or H&M if you're looking for shoes that will last through a hike or a long day of walking around the city. (Anyone has to admit that the selection at F21 is cute - but unfortunately they're better off for school or grocery shopping.)

What are your favorite (or least favorite) products from Forever 21?



"XXI"; Forever21; Levi; MAC Cosmetics; Sally Hansen; Wet Seal; H&M


  1. I've never been in F21 but whilst in New York my friend had bags full of F21 clothes. She's extremely picky so it must be good :D

  2. ahhh i love me some forever 21! it is perfect for finding a dress to go out in that you know youll only wear once, dont want to break the bank, but want to make a statement. $15-$40 for a cute night out dress? count me in! ive never tried their eyeshadows, but thats good to know! thanks for sharing!


    1. I know right?! I'm just a little bit obsessed. (;

  3. My jeans from them have lasted forever also. I just wish they would make more low rise. A lot of them are high wasted.

  4. I love forever21 I have been shopping there for years.. my sister recently moved to San Luis obispo over here on the west coast and they have a huge f21 there.. I was in heaven! Last summer I bought a really cute zebra bikini and I cant wait to pull it out again this summer.. almost as cute as my VS bikini :) love this post BTW

  5. I love love love the dresses at F21 but I really hate how disorganized the store always is. I don't know if it's just a Milwaukee thing, but I have trouble finding things because they're heaped in piles here and there all over the place. I usually have to set aside quite a bit of time to really look through the clothes otherwise I get frustrated.

    1. Some of the stores can be like that, but I guess the one near where I live is alright. (: Don't get me started about the XXI in's horrible!