Sunday, May 6, 2012

Morning Coffee

Who else has coffee every Sunday morning? I know I'm guilty of this habit myself. It's not really something I would call "addicting", it's just something that's routine and second-nature by now. You know,'s a feeling. (;

Truth is, coffee actually isn't the best way to wake up, nor is it the thing that wakes you up the most. Guess what is? If you muttered "apple", you're on the right track.

Apples and fresh berries are proven to be able to wake you up more in the morning, and are also a lot healthier without the bulk package of caffeine that coffee offers. Now, trust me - I know that substituting apples and berries for coffee is crazy, but being healthy always comes with a price tag.

So, what do you think? To coffee, or not to coffee?



"Morning Coffee"


  1. Me and my boyfriend have a sunday ritual of going to get coffee as soon as we are up and about... It's nice because it's a treat, and not something I do every day of the week. I say keep your Sundays free for coffee and save being healthy for the week :)

  2. i totally agree with louisa! making coffee less of something you depend on to wake up, but more of a special treat that you enjoy might help you stay in a healthy routine during the week. maybe a smoothie with apples and berries would be a good alternative monday through friday mornings?! =)


  3. I like the smell of coffee but hate the taste. So while my boyfriend is drinking that I will make a nice fruit smoothie. Much healthier and wayyyy better tasting. :]

    1. Fruit smoothies are amazing as well! I'm not a huge fan of black coffee, so I just stick to my Starbucks Mochas and Frappucinos. Better smelling and tasting! (: