Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Keeping Ear Buds Untangled

Although I have heard some great organizational tips for storing ear buds (my favorite is the Q-Tips container idea by Jen from iHeart Organizing!), I've never really heard of ways to keep them untangled. I feel that this is an even greater problem than storing them, because every time I pull out my iPod to listen to music, I find myself spending 15 minutes untangling my ear buds just so they can be the proper length! Not to mention the hassle when your traveling.

Here's a solution to keeping them untangled: Cover the wiring! The best (and most professional) way is to get them clear-coated with plastic. Unfortunately, this isn't something you can just pick up at the store and apply it when you get home - you need to take it to a professional ear bud manufacture, which also requires a lot of money.

I experimented a little and came to the happy conclusion on keeping your ear buds untangled with this little DIY project. Instead of plastic, why not coat it with string? You can go to the dollar store or any craft store to pick up colorful string (the kind used for making friendship bracelets). Wrap it around the wiring, cut it off once you get to the end, and carefully glue it with a tiny dab of hot glue. (Make sure it doesn't touch the wiring, though! That could be bad.) If you don't like the unfinished look of hot glue on the end, you could even go as far as taping a small strip of masking tape to the top.

Happy un-tangling and and enjoy!

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  1. Cute idea!
    I can kind of imagine it all patterned and pretty.


  2. Haha, yes that is sooo annoying, and great idea!
    I awarded you with a blog award, check it out: http://blairbendel.blogspot.com/2012/04/spread-love-tell-me-about-yourself.html

    xoxo B.