Friday, April 27, 2012

On Purses and Backpacks

Today I decided to share with you some of my favorite purses and backpack brands. If you follow me on Twitter, I'm almost always posting an OOTD and some of you have noticed my various bag styles! Hopefully this post will give you some inspiration (if you're in need of a new purse or backpack) or some insight if you were looking into purchasing one of these brands.

For Travel: 
I always think of travel bags as more "heavy duty" and less "girly". With that said, I usually opt for sports branded bags; some of my favorite brands are Under Armour and Nike. For slightly more budget-friendly backpacks, I recommend JanSport.

For School:
I'm a university student and only have a couple classes per day, but those classes require heavy textbooks, notebooks, and tons of supplies! All throughout high school I carried around totes, but for college, that just didn't work. Honestly, I'm so in love with the Kipling backpacks that I actually don't think much about it anymore. Talk about bringing fashion into a schoolbag!
For high school students - I really liked the Vera Bradley totes when I was in high school, but I remember them being super expensive to the point where I couldn't get a new tote each year. A brand that I found just as eye-pleasing and slightly less expensive was The Sak.

For Work:
During school breaks, I intern for businesses as a journalist. For more "professional" environments, I recommend leather satchels or totes like the one in the picture above. These are for more professional duties, so I'm fine with splurging on them a little - usually I'll go to a more "higher end" store, like Nordstrom or SaksCoachFossil and Kate Spade also have really cute leather bags. If you're looking for a steal, check your state's "big city" (for me, it's NYC) thrift shops and secondhand stores.

For Shopping & Everyday:
When I go shopping, I like to carry around little top handle and evening purses compared to shoulder bags. The one I'm using right now is the Cirrus PM by Louis Vuitton. Definitely a splurge, I know, but I'm probably not going to change it for awhile. I really don't have any specific "favorite brands" for everyday purses, but my recommendation is to look around local boutiques and shops for finds.

What is your favorite purse/backpack brand?



"Whimsical Leather"; Twitter; Under Armour; Nike; JanSport; Kipling; Vera Bradley; The Sak; Nordstrom; Saks; Coach; Fossil; Kate Spade; Louis Vuitton


  1. Please do a post about what's in your school bag! :)

  2. Jotting down your request now! Keep checking back.(: