Saturday, April 28, 2012

Order Up: Homemade Dessert Menu

Happy Saturday lovelies! What are you all up to this weekend?
While most typical university students would have been hard at work this past week, I was fortunate enough to be able to spend a couple days with my friend Kaity, who works as a nutritionist and fitness expert at a local health and fitness center. We got to talk a little about food, and with that topic comes the lovely and heavenly thing called dessert.

I thought I'd share with you a DIY Homemade Dessert Menu today to help those who are currently doing the healthy eating challenge that I posted a couple weeks ago with me. Personally, I love desserts - ice cream, brownies, anything and everything! Unfortunately, eating sweets isn't the best way to soothe and cure a sweet tooth...

Kaity shared with me a simple way to stay on top of your desserts and swatch the fatty things for the better!

1. Ice Cream
Instead of burrying your face into that oh-so-lucious, thick, whispy, and delicious bowl of chocolate ice cream, consider your other options, like frozen yogurt or even traditional yogurt. Not satisfying enough? Go for vanilla (it's healthier) or vanilla bean (if you hate vanilla).

2. Fondue
Fondue is probably one of the best things ever invented, especially when it comes to Friday nights. Instead of store bought or restaurant crafted fondue (which typically contains an enormous amount of fat, oils, and sugars) make your own! Click here for a simple way to make homemade fondue.

3. Nutella
I've probably had Nutella on toast for 9283 days of my life already. Although it tastes like heaven, did you know that it's actually not the healthiest? Try making your own version of Nutella next time you're tempted to spread some hazelnut on your toast. Smitten Kitchen offers a couple of super great (and yummy!) homemade Nutella alternatives.



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  1. yummy!! this looks delicious :D

    1. It is! Especially the homemade Nutella! (: