Sunday, April 15, 2012

Order Up: Pinkberry!

It's not a secret that Pinkberry is one of my favorite places available for frozen yogurt out there. Here's my take on everything Pinkberry flavored!

For the "base" - the frozen yogurt - I usually either order original or mango (when it's available); I'm not a huge fan of their seasonal flavors.

For toppings, I always, always get mochi and strawberries/blackberries. Then I usually top it with either coconut, some chocolate dibs, and occasionally, gummy worms.

I'm not a big try-gooder, so I usually stay true to my first-picks, especially when it comes to Pinkberry. I definitely recommend my picks above if your a frozen-yogurt newbie, but when in doubt, ask for a tasting - it never hurts!

Happy Sunday!


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  3. Good grief, that looks so good! I wish we had one in Texas :P Cute blog!

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