Sunday, April 15, 2012

Short Shorts + A Dose of Color!

I'll admit it; this past week, I've been on Tumblr a lot and have been seeing so, so many cute, colorful outfits! My favorite piece would have to be short shorts, though - remembering back to last year, nobody would ever be seen out on the streets wearing colorful shorts. They were either light blue, dark blue, black, or the occasional white. Honestly, I'm so happy that colorful shorts are coming back this season; they definitely go hand-in-hand with the atmosphere of summer, and are something you could even call a little "adorable"...

Places I get mine: (besides the obvious Forever 21, of course)
-I also like going to the city (I reside super close to NYC, fortunately!) and shopping individual boutiques. Sometimes you find the best things there!

Pairing color-oriented shorts:
Never, never, ever pair colored short-shorts with the same colored top! If you have the orange shorts pictured above, for example - I would recommend pairing it with a floaty  "dress-top" for a feminine and girly look, a tank top for a sporty look, or a crop top for a beachy look, all colored in white. Words on a top should be kept to a minimum, and multi-colored symbols or text are a no-go!

What is your favorite up and coming summer trend?

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