Thursday, May 10, 2012

Hair Up, Hair Down: Etiquette

Everyone posts about hair care, hair styling, and healthy hair - but I've never actually seen a post on hair etiquette. It's a little out-of-the-ordinary, but taming your hair and knowing when-to-wear-what is important, too! So, without further ado, here's a list of etiquettes you should always practice when it comes down to hair.

1. Unless you're attending a costume party or culture festival, you should never wear your hair up in an "afro". Afro-like hairstyles scream wild and unnecessary, especially for school or formal outings.
2. Wear it soft, 99% of the time. Soft hair is usually more delicate and looks not only healthier, but also prettier in the way that it's easier to style. It gives the impression that you spent time on your hair and you care.
3. Never leave your hair unattended. When your eating, clip it up. When you're parting, let it down. Everything changes with occasion, but just make sure to never leave your hair unattended.
4. Trim it. A lot. Super long hair (a couple inches above your waist) is hard to attend to and maintain. A good rule of thumb if to measure the inches down from your chest area - 0 to 12 inches longer is fine, while anything after that is a sign you need to go trim your hair
5. Wearing hair straight versus wearing hair curled. A good measure I like to use to determine if I should wear my hair straight or curled is how formal the event I'm attending is. If it's a large school gathering like homecoming or prom, then go for large, soft curls. If it's semi-formal like a big sporting event or concert, wear it wavy. And, if it's just a normal day at school, wear it straight.



"Side Braid"

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  1. I honestly cannot french braid myself. I do it really good on other people but when it comes to me i'm hopeless. I so wish i could do that to my hair!
    - Caitlin