Saturday, May 12, 2012

I'm Moving...

Hello everyone!
I'm here today with some sad - or, not so sad, in another aspect - news. That is, I'm moving.
Not myself, the blog.

This was a tough decision to make, but in the end, the best decision. I've outgrown Pinkscript and am looking forward to a new chapter in my life, in college.

I'll keep this update short and to the point; my new blog will be a similar lifestyle blog only aimed towards a new audience: high-school students, university students, and younger adults. The name or URL is not determined yet, so I can't provide a link, but will continue to update through this process.

Leave a comment below for any name suggestions; I really appreciate it and hope you all continue with me down my journey as a bloggette.

Xo, Essie


  1. Awww... Didn't you just start this blog? What audience were you aiming for with this blog?

  2. I've just found your blog today and looked through all of it. I can't wait for your new blog, I really enjoy your posts!

  3. OMG! But I love your name so much!! Don't Change it!!

  4. I like the name of your current blog too!! Do keep us posted!

    From Cupcakes, With Love x