Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Outlet Shopping OOTD

Have you ever gone outlet shopping? I know a lot of people don't go because they consider it "low end" or whatnot, but personally, I love outlets. It's a great way to get some Vitamin D while finding bargains from usually high-end stores.

A great way to dress for outlet shopping during mid-spring or early summer is by wearing a little floral dress with a strapped back, then pairing it with a cardigan or denim jacket. If the dress is mainly pink, but has light blue accent flowers, make sure to bring that color out with the same colored cardigan. Pair your outfit with soft curls or wear your hair straight in a messy bun (click here for a cute tutorial!) and add oxford flats, gladiators, or a pair of cute ballet slippers.

How do you dress when you go outlet shopping?



"Jacket + Dress"; "Braided Messy Bun Tutorial"