Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Birthday Gift-Giving Guide

I'm always, always good at brainstorming birthday gift ideas - until the birthday actually comes. Today I decided to share a birthday gift-giving guide for any of you that may have the same problem or are just looking to find some little ideas and inspiration...

For "Friends"
My budget: $10-25
The budget may seem a little harsh, but you won't believe what you can get with $10! If your friend likes fashion, makeup, and beauty, I recommend getting her a small bottle of perfume and a $15 dollar gift card to Sephora. For athletic girly-girls; why not get her a gift card to PINK? They have the best yoga pants in the whole world. And for those "in between" girls that aren't quite the "uber glamorous" type or the athletic type - I would recommend getting her a set of pretty ear phones (they have adorable Strawberry ones at Forever21) with a little tin of yummy candy.

For "Close Friends"
My budget: $20-40
You can do wonders with $20 or $30 bucks. I recommend 2-3 bottles of nail polish (more "exclusive" ones like Butter London or Topshop) and a couple of little beauty buys under $25 for the girly ones. If she's more into sports, get her a pair of equestrian boots or ball of hair ties and a cute duffel bag. If she's neither, I suggest getting a couple of candles, lotions, or bath sets from Bath and Body Works or Lush, or if she's a coffeeholic (like me), get a pretty mug - then fill it with $5-$10 sampler gift cards!

For "Best Friends"
My budget: $50-200
The $200 might scare you. But then again, it is your best friend. You've been through so much with them, and they're the closest to your heart. They deserve something, right?
For girls into fashion and beauty, I recommend a cute makeup bag and filling them with little beauty products. You can even go as far as subscribing them to beauty subscription services such as BirchboxEco EmiBeauty Fix, ect. For friends that like staying fit and active, get them a pretty pair of Coach shoes (and if budget allows) a beach bag to go with it. For those amazing "in betwen friends", I like getting them tote bags from Kipling, and depending on the price, fill them up with little goodies. I also recommend pretty phone cases (Elle and Blair for Cellairis has really cute ones!) and cute little knick knacks from Modcloth.

All in all, I like getting all my friends a little pretty handmade card (handmade makes it special!) and a gorgeous little cupcake to go along with everything else. (If you live in the LA area, Sprinkles is amazing. If not, and you're more of the homemade type, try this pretty cupcake frosting recipe.)

Don't forget to tell your friend "happy birthday" from me and the rest of the team at Pinkscript!



"Strawberries On Cupcake"; Sephora; Victoria's Secret PINK; Forever 21; Butter London; Topshop; Bath and Body Works; Lush; Birchbox; Eco Emi; Beauty Fix; Coach; Kipling; Elle and Blair for Cellairis; Modcloth; Sprinkles; "Pink Butter Cream Frosting Recipe"


  1. My friends birthday is coming up and this really helped! Thanks!!

  2. I really want to eat that cupcake at the top!