Monday, May 7, 2012

The Polka-Dot Fanfare (And the Not-So-Fanfare)

Polka-dots have been around for centuries. And, while they're sometimes not the most fashionable things to wear around, they can be eye candy and make bold statements in other cases. Here's a list of ways to incorporate those dusty polka-dotted fashions in your closet into your everyday outfit (fashionably).

1. Wear it tucked in like in the picture above. Pair any colored polka-dotted top with a plain, solid black-colored pencil skirt.

2. Wear it on your nails to match a solid colored top and dark denim. The nail creates a cute effect on the casual, effortless outfit.

3. Wear it on your accessories and pair it with a solid crop top or dress. This brings a focal point to your outfit, making it eye-popping and trendier.

...And then, there are the ways you should never sport polka-dots:

1. Wearing it on your shoes is a huge mistake. Polka-dot embellishments on shoes like flats or flip flops scream trouble and uncoordinated.

2. Wearing it on your bottoms whether it's jeans, skirts, or shorts. Polka-dotted pants are a huge no-no in the fashion industry.

How do you usually incorporate polka-dots into your outfit?




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