Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Skywaver: A Hair Tutorial

I am so, so, so in love with Demi Lovato's song Skyscraper. It's emotional, raw, and most of all - beautiful. What more could a song ask for? But if there's one thing that I'm a teensy more in love with at this moment, it has to be Demi's hair. How pretty are her waves?!

Today's "Skywaver" hair tutorial is inspired by her hit song, Skyscraper. In the music video, Demi's sporting straight hair, but I thought that this hairstyle also exemplified the tone of the song amazingly. So without futher ado - Demi's hair tutorial!

You Will Need:
-5-10 Hair Elastics
-4 to 5 Large "Clamp Style" Clips
-2" Curling Wand
-Heat Protectant
-Wide Tooth Comb
-Detangling Spray

The Look:
1. On clean and slightly damp hair, divide your hair into 2 sections: top and bottom. The top layer should be slightly thicker than the bottom layer. Clamp the top section onto the top of your head using a large clip.
2. Divide the bottom section of your hair into 2 sections, left and right (half and half). Tightly, braid your hair into a classic braid and secure with an elastic on both sides.
3. Loosen the top section of your hair from the clip. Spray or apply heat protectant to your hair, then wrap approximately 1/4 of the top section of your hair around the curling wand (leaving about an inch of hair un-curled). Immediately let the hair drop, then after 2-3 seconds, scrunch it up and clamp it to your head. Continue on and repeat with the rest of the 3 sections.
4. Once you're finished, unbraid the bottom section of your hair and unclamp the top section. Turn your head upside-down, and spray all over with a detangling spray, making sure to get into the "inside" layers of your hair as well. Flip back up.
5. Use a wide comb brush to gently brush out tangles and to slightly reduce wave intensity.
6. To obtain a "breezy" look like Demi's, use a hair dryer or fan to blow your hair back!

You're done!



"Skywavers"; Demi Lovato; Skyscraper


  1. I just did this hair style and loved it! It is super cute. Just to let you know, the little sidebar thing that's all colorful doesn't work when I click on it. I love your blog its awesome. Bye!

    1. Thank you! And I's currently in the making! Adding the HTML's now. (:

  2. Great blog!! I'm a new follower, I'll defiantly be doing this.

    1. Thank you so much! I appreciate the love. (: