Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Style Interview: Valerie

Today's featured post is a style interview by Valerie from Beauty + Fashion who was nice enough to allow us to interview her! Her Q&A session really allowed us to get to know her better both as a person and as a style blogger.

Q: What would you best describe your style as?
A: Casual-Chic!

Q: Do you prefer a certain color when it comes to choosing or shopping for clothes?
A: I love most colors when it comes to fashion, but sometimes find myself avoiding "louder" colors (like neons!).

Q: Who is a major influence on your style? Who is someone you always look up to when it comes to fashion?
A: I really look up to fashion wardrobe stylist Chriselle Lim (; I absolutely adore her style!

Q: Do you have a certain store you find yourself always headed towards?
A: I might be a little obsessed with Forever 21...

Q: What is one of your favorite up-and-coming trends? What is one trend you just never understood?
A: One of my favorite up-and-coming trends is the "high-low" trend, whether it be dresses, skirts, or tops. A trend I never understood is wearing animal prints and patterns.

Q: What is your favorite piece of accessory? What do you pair it with?
A: At the moment, it's my Petit Coeur Cherie set by JewelMint. I love pairing it with soft, feminine outfits.

Q: What is one tip you would give to readers when it comes to style?
A: Wear what you love and what you feel comfortable and confident in.


Valerie's Favorite Outfit

If there's one thing I absolutely love about this outfit, it has to be the coral-pink satchel. I think it adds such a feminine and girly (yet vintage and professional!) touch to the dress and accessories. Valerie did an amazing job with the color scheme and this is definitely something I would wear myself!



"Glamouristas Setting"; Chriselle Lim; Forever 21; JewelMint; "Outfit"


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