Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Style Files: Work to Weekend

Some outfits are great when it comes to weekends, but a little lacking when it comes to work. Today's featured guest blogger Bruni from http://www.staybruniful.com/ dishes on the fabulous topic of transforming work clothes into weekend clothes.

Bruni's Advice

Pump up the play factor of this form-fitting pencil skirt with some vibrant neon's. Layer a sheer blouse over a bright tank top to make sure you aren't exactly "office appropriate", yet still right on trend.
Fashion Fact: Gray is a neutral color, so you can pair it with practically anything.

Throw a fitted blazer over casual jeans and a tee outfit for a "cool, laid back" look. Add funky wedge feels and roll up your sleeves to show off the bangles that you can't get away with wearing around the office.

Run errands in your classic crisp white button up, but instead leave it untucked and paired with dark denim for a carefree look...then grab your oxford flats and go!



"Work Clothes"; "Pencil Skirt"; "Blazer"; "Button-Up"


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  1. love the shoes! alexander wang?

    xo Elizabeth


    1. The picture is from Tumblr, so I'm not sure; but looks like it! (:

  2. I love gray pencil skirts thy can go nicely with bright tops and sparkly watches