Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Nail Polish Tag

I was tagged by Natasha from Clouds and Cuticle Oil to do the Nail Polish Tag! Feel free to post a comment with your personal answers and link your own blog URL below.

1) What's your favorite nail polish brand?
I really like Butter London and MAC polishes, but as far as generic brands go, I LOVE Essie, OPI, and (when my wallet is a little more hungry) Pure Ice.

2) Glitter or no glitter?
I don't really like the look of chunky hand-applied glitter, but glitter nail polish is fine.

3) OPI, China Glaze, or Essie?
I've only tried China Glaze once or twice, so I can't judge it; but between Essie and OPI, Essie all the way. (And not only because of it's name!)

4) When or how often do you change your nail polish?
I've got into the good habit of just removing the polish completely after it starts chipping and wearing my natural nails for a couple of days before re-painting them. You can view my Nail Care 101 post here.

5) What's your favorite nail color?
Oooh, toughie! It really depends on the season and my mood. Some of my favorites include "Pink Ribbon" and "Trout Pout" by Butter London; "A Crewed Interest", "Starter Wife" and "My Way" by Essie; and the "Pink and Silver Lace" manicure by OPI.

6) Darks or brights?
Usually brighter; I really like pastel colors!

7) What are wearing on your nails right now?
Deborah Lippman "Daytripper".

8) Matte nails: In or Out?
I feel like some shades (lighter, pastel ones) are prettier in matte than others (darks and blues). Personally, I think that some people can definitely rock the matte nails. Unfortunately, I'm not one of those people!

9) French manicures?
Yes! LOVE French manicures.

10) Favorite summer colors?
I feel that every color (besides black, deep blues and turquoise, and dark purples and violets) are appropriate for summer! Especially love oranges and yellows during the summertime.

I tag YOU!


  1. what a nice tag!! some of my answers would match with yours =) nice nail polishes too!!

  2. I love the nail polish obsession tag!!!

  3. Great tag! I'm going to be doing this for my blog tomorrow! I'll definitely put a link to your site on there too!


    1. DM me the URL to your version of the tag! I would love to see it.(:

  4. you are really making me want to try out butter london! must resist...

    1. Hahah! You HAVE to try Butter London...it's the best! <3