Sunday, April 22, 2012

Organizing Makeup Brushes

Before, my makeup brushes were nearly always scattered and misplaced. As a result, the bristles often got worn and I found myself rushing to the store to get new brushes more than often. After I developed an organizing system for my brushes, I never misplaced them and they were always within a fingertip's reach when I needed them. More importantly, my wallet stayed fuller for longer periods of time. Here are a couple tips to organizing your makeup brushes and developing and organizational system for your beauty supplies...

1) Get a container.
Just like anything else, you have to start from the base. In this case, it's the container that holds your brushes. I recommend acrylic cups (like the ones pictured above) that you can get at the dollar store. Cups keep your brushes upright as opposed to bins, where your brushes are placed horizontally. When brushes are placed in bins, they catch germs and bacteria easier and also bristles might get ruined.

2) Fill up the bottom.
If you don't have a full set of brushes or the width of your cup is too big, consider placing coffee beans or rocks at the bottom to hold your brushes upright.

3) Wash your brushes regularly.
Nothing's worse than having a full 20 set of brushes, only to have them infected with bacteria. Wash your brushes regularly by the cup to prevent germ outbreak.

4) Personalize your brushes.
This especially comes in handy when you're trying to tell set-from-set or have a fixed brush cleansing schedule! Click here for a quick DIY follow-up post on personalizing your brushes.

Happy Sunday!


  1. This is such great advice! Lovely blog.

  2. it's true, organization of brushes is key to getting ready quickly in the mornings before work! :)


  3. great tip! i like to keep my makeup brushes in old candle jars... i wash out the ones with the prettiest labels and stick my makeup brushes in them! that way the pretty candle jars don't get thrown out and i can continue to enjoy them after the fragrance is gone :)

    1. Works also! Great for organization on a budget.(:

  4. I do something very simialar but I think I need to add something to the bottom of my container.Rx